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Bunyan Bryant, Ph.D., Director: Dr. Bryant is a Professor at the School of Natural Resources and Environment. He has worked in the fields of environmental justice and advocacy for over 30 years. Currently he teaches two environmental justice courses, and he speaks at college campuses and professional conferences throughout the nation. His latest interest is global climate change and environmental justice. He believes that no other issue threatens developing countries and low-income/people of color communities in developed nations more than global climate change.

Elaine Hockman, Ph.D.: Dr. Hockman is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the School of Natural Resources and Environment and Manager of the Research Support Laboratory at Wayne State University. She is a methodologist, with a Ph.D. in Psychology and Education, specializing in research design, statistics, and measurements. Her main interest in environmental justice is empirical research to provide objective evidence, understanding, and solutions to environmental justice by working in partnership with academics and the larger community on the salient issues and the conditions they define.

Sarah Swanson: Sarah is the Development Manager for the Environmental Justice Initiative. She has worked in Environmental Justice at the School of Natural Resources and Environment since 1999. She works extensively with Bunyan Bryant in program development of the EJ Initiative.


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