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Environmental Justice Initiative Goals:
Analysis of Secondary Research
The goals of this research program include: 1) merging relevant sections of national secondary data sources for purposes of analysis to determine causes and consequences of environmental burdens on people of color and low-income groups; 2) disseminating research results to policymakers and community groups so they can make informed decisions; 3) making data available to visiting scholars, campus colleagues, and graduate students interested in environmental justice; and 4) disseminating research results through peer-reviewed publications, at professional conferences, and through electronic media. A considerable amount of research data remains unexplored and could yield important research findings by combining several databases.
National Quantitative Research
The purpose of this research program is to: 1) design and carry out a national environmental justice study to test hypotheses of causes and consequences of disparate environmental impacts, and 2) disseminate research findings to policymakers and community groups so they can make informed environmental justice decisions. The purpose of this research is to add to the growing body of knowledge and to answer unexplained questions related to probable causality.
Web Page Case Studies
Web pages will be used as an inexpensive 24-hour digital form or electronic service for transmitting scientific information on environmental justice struggles taking place throughout the country. The focus will not only be on environmental justice problems and research, but also on defining creative solutions and connecting people with resources around the world in ways that have never occurred before.

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