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Selected PhD Student Dissertations

  • Kishi Animashaun: Racialized Spaces: Exploring Space as an Explanatory and Independent Variable in Environmental Justice Analysis
  • John Callewaert: Understanding the Multiple Conceptions of Environmental Justice - A Qualitative Analysis of Stakeholder Perceptions and Values regarding Title VI Environmental Justice Complaints
  • Michael Dorsey: Commercialization of Biodiversity: Processes, Actors, and Contestation in Ecuador
  • Alycia Lyttle-Pierce: Characterizations of Environmental Justice Communities Using Photovoice and Community-based Socio-environmental Mapping
  • Robin Saha: A logitudinal and historic context analysis of racial and socioeconomic inequities in the distribution of hazardous waste facilities in Michigan
  • Scott Sherman: Strategies for success in the environmental justice movement

    Master's Projects
  • Gia Grier, Amy MacDonald, Cari Varner, Kim Wetzel, and Lauren Zajac: Environmental Justice for Arab Americans? A Case Study of the Detroit Intermodal Freight Terminal

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